Why Univa?

Univa Products Support Mission Critical Applications:

  • Converged Big Data and Big Compute Applications
  • Enterprise Business and Operational Applications
  • Technical Computing Applications

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Our Story

The home of Grid Engine

Univa has helped hundreds of companies marshal the technical computing processes at the heart of bringing their products to market. Our customers improved performance and achieved outstanding results with Univa Grid Engine software.

Univa has a rich history in contributing to the evolution of Grid Engine software, the most widely deployed, distributed resource management software platform by enterprises and research organizations across the globe.

Univa partnered with Sun Microsystems to co-design technologies that would simplify the deployment and management of Grid Engine clusters. Univa developed software to meet Sun’s HPC go-to-market requirements and became a reseller of Sun Grid Engine.

After Oracle acquired Sun, in early 2011 Univa hired the engineers who designed and contributed to the development of Grid Engine’s open source version, established Univa GmbH, and refactored the company around this group of core developers. This transition provided the means by which we could continue to evolve and advance Grid Engine software. As a result, we released more new functionality in 2012 than Grid Engine software users had witnessed in the past decade.

In 2013, Univa celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Grid Engine and completed the acquisition of remaining Grid Engine assets. In October, Oracle selected Univa to provide world-class support and technical expertise to all their Oracle Grid Engine customers - making us the one and only commercial provider of Grid Engine.

Today, Univa is the steward of Grid Engine software. We are committed to enhancing and innovating Grid Engine software to meet the demands of our rapidly growing customer base.

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