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One Click HPC Trial Request

We built a Grid Engine cluster in Amazon EC2 and submitted jobs in under 10 minutes, and all we did to set this up was answer some questions and then click a button. Want to see One Click HPC in action for yourself?

Univa and RightScale are pleased to present - for a limited time - the One Click HPC Free Trial.

But you better hurry!

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Still think this is too good to be true? Want more proof? Then sign up for your free trial now.

One Click HPC Trial Process

  • Complete this form to request a confirmation (this step is required to qualify)
  • Ensure you have a valid Amazon EC2 account (you will need this when setting up your account on RightScale)
  • For trial accounts only, you will be guided through the process by a company representative
  • You will need to create a valid RightScale account
  • Once you have a RightScale account (a simple process to setup) all you need to do is run the Univa Grid Engine macro.
  • When you hit this step you can launch a Grid Engine cluster on demand, again and again as often as you wish. See our pricing models to ensure you maximize your investment.

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Intel Cluster Ready in the Cloud

Intel Cluster Ready

Univa One Click HPC takes ICR to the next level by embedding Intel Cluster Ready configuration validation in an HPC Cloud architecture. Peace of mind comes with the assurance of this validation program.

Powered by RightScale Means Simplicity

Univa One Click HPC leverages RightScale's Cloud-Ready ServerTemplates.

Only RightScale delivers this simplicity.

Please complete the brief form below and a Univa representation will contact you to confirm and guide you through the initial process.

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