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We built a Grid Engine cluster in Amazon EC2 and submitted jobs in under 10 minutes. Want to see UniCloud in action for yourself? Univa is pleased to present the UniCloud Free Trial.

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A UniCloud Free Trial can cover a range of functions depending on your area of interest including:

  • Public Cloud Trial
    • Build a Grid Engine cluster in Amazon EC2 in under 10 minutes
    • One Click HPC
  • Private Cloud Trial
    • Checkpointing (using virtualization) of an application running in a virtual machine
    • Live migration, where application does not stop from one hypervisor machine to another
    • Policy-based, automatic and dynamic cluster re-configuration based on established rules
    • Provisioning of hypervisor onto nodes
    • Application restart on same machine – or migrated to hypervisor on another machine
    • Bare metal provisioning
    • Automatic installation and configuration of Univa Grid Engine and much more.

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