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The Team at Univa brings together five decades of experience in enterprise high performance computing and massive data computation solutions with experience from the founder of Grid Engine software, Platform Computing, Scali and the people who developed and supported Grid Engine software for over a decade.

Gary Tyreman

President and CEO

Gary Tyreman brings more than 20 years of executive software experience to his role as the President and CEO of Univa Corporation. Gary leads corporate development and fundraising activities and is the architect of Univa's data center automation strategy, which couples the strategic addition of Grid Engine software expertise with Univa's innovative and industry-leading integrated cloud computing management products. Gary has established Univa as a top multi-national competitor and has expanded the markets the company serves. Prior to taking the position as CEO, Gary spent three years as Univa's Senior Vice President of Products and Alliances.

Azam Foda


Azam Foda has over 20 years of finance and operations experience in fast growing private and public technology companies from his days supporting Hummingbird Ltd.’s 10x growth to helping successfully exit a Kleiner Perkins keiretsu company. Mr. Foda has an MBA from Rotman Business School at the University of Toronto and holds a Certified Management Accountant designation.

Rob Secontine

VP Sales & Marketing

Mr. Secontine comes to Univa with over 25 years of executive sales management experience to lead Univa’s accelerating growth. Mr. Secontine has excelled in creating high performing customer-focused organizations for several technology companies that culminated with successful outcomes such as the IPO at Indigo (NASD INDG) (later acquired by Hewlett Packard) and Vi{Z}RT. Most recently, Mr. Secontine led sales and business development at Scali Inc. which was acquired by Platform Computing.

Fritz Ferstl

CTO and Business Development, EMEA

Fritz Ferstl brings 20 years of grid and cloud computing experience to Univa, and as the Chief Technology Officer he will help set technical vision while spearheading strategic alliances. Fritz, long regarded as the father of Grid Engine software and its forerunners Codine and GRD, ran the Grid Engine software business from within Sun Microsystems and Oracle for the past 10 years, taking it from an upstart technology to the most widely deployed workload management solution in some of the most challenging data center environments on the planet. Under Fritz's leadership Grid Engine software was open sourced and has grown a vibrant community.

Bill Bryce

VP of Products

Bill Bryce brings 14 years of experience to his position as VP of Products in which he leads all aspects of Univa's technology strategy and product development including planning, engineering and customer relationship management. Bill was instrumental in introducing agile development across Univa's distributed team, resulting in a doubling of engineering efficiency. Bill is also credited with the conception and development of key products including Univa's cloud management products. Mr. Bryce received his B Math in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

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