Univa Grid Engine Momentum Accelerates; Customer Testing and Acceptance Strengthens Grid Engine

Austin, TX, August 22, 2011 - Building on the strong market presence of Grid Engine, Univa, the data center automation company, today announced accelerating customer acceptance, across all regions and industries, of its commercial Grid Engine product.

In the first six months since the launch of Univa Grid Engine, Univa has surpassed its milestones, signing several long-term contracts with many of the largest, most prestigious and demanding Grid Engine users, including TATA Steel Automotive Engineering, Hess Corporation, Motorola Mobility, Panasonic, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron and NASA. These and dozens of other customer deployments validate Univa Grid Engine as production-ready. Univa Grid Engine has been proven to perform in large, complex production environments with core counts ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands, resulting in better operation and stability enabling these customers to deploy with confidence.Tremendous Value for Customers

With the Sun Grid Engine development team no longer offering free problem resolution, regular qualified patches or updated courtesy binaries, Grid Engine users are increasingly concerned about the exposure that could result in a self-support system facing performance or stability issues. Relying on support from the community or internal resources magnifies the risks associated with self-support, while using available binaries introduces uncertainty around licenses and indemnity.

"We upgraded to the first Univa Grid Engine release in May 2011. One of the development teams came to our site to carry out the update, and I would class it as one of the smoothest updates we have ever undertaken. In addition to the update, we had a 'best practice' review, took time to do some knowledge exchange/training, and were able to implement a number of minor enhancements through a better understanding of some of the more detailed configuration options." Mike Twelves, Tata Steel Automotive Engineering (TSAE).

"Univa offers a simple path forward for users seeking improved and predictable cluster uptime," said Fritz Ferstl, Grid Engine founding developer and Univa CTO. "Univa helps our customers meet the business objectives of their high performance computing environment with continued use of Grid Engine and the avoidance of large costs and the complete restart associated with migrating to an incompatible workload management product."

"It's actually not a big step (financially) to go from an open source solution to an open core solution, but the benefits are significant, especially in managing the risk the business is exposed to," continues Mike Twelves, TSAE

Pricing and Availability

Univa Grid Engine 8.0 is available today. For more information or to learn about Embedded Univa Grid Engine for distribution, please see http://www.univa.com

Univa also offers Univa Grid Engine as a Free Trial with 48 cores free downloadable from the website. This offering is suitable for the many users who are beginning to leverage high performance computing and wish to enjoy indemnity and peace of mind a qualified binary offers. Many open source users will also benefit from the free 48 core offering.

About Univa Corporation

Univa, the Data Center Automation Company, is the leading provider of optimization and management software for traditional, dynamic and cloud data centers. Our award-winning products are used by Global 2500 companies to improve resource sharing, amplify the efficiency of people and processes, and increase application and license utilization. Univa offers the industry's broadest, most innovative and integrated product set for managing shared, high-demand data center resources. From workload management to policy-driven provisioning across physical, virtual and cloud resources, only Univa provides a proven combination of enterprise-class capabilities, industry expertise, and community sponsorship. Univa is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices worldwide. For more information, go to www.univa.com.