Univa Releases HPC User Survey Results

HPC Growing; 70% expect increased use

Markham, ON, March 15, 2012 — Univa, the data center automation company, today released the results of its Technical Computing User Survey, taken between October and December, 2011.

The survey shows the continuing dependence on High Performance Computing across all industries with 7 out of 10 respondents indicating an expected increase in use in the coming year, and 7.5 out of 10 respondents indicating an increase in use in the following year. Not a single respondent indicated a decline in use.

The survey also looked at planned use of HPC Cloud and the current use of Grid Engine versus other scheduler technologies. Grid Engine dominated the results with nearly half of the respondents indicating they use the product when compared to several other open source and commercial products. This result is an informal indication of the broad use of Grid Engine and is not a measure of market share.

"This survey was meant to calibrate the use of Grid Engine in the market today, and within that use to categorize the versions that are deployed,” said Gary Tyreman, President and CEO of Univa. “The results demonstrate the fact that Grid Engine is a very broadly deployed, mission critical product, that cannot readily or easily be replaced without a substantial investment in time and risk.”

In January 2011, Univa announced that it had hired the key developers of the Grid Engine team and began to ship Univa Grid Engine in April 2011 when it delivered version 8.0.0. Univa Grid Engine version 8.0.0 was opened to the community and represents more than 660,000 lines of code changes and over 100 bug fixes. This single contribution to the community by Univa ranks second in terms of total lines of code changes and check-ins since the Sun-backed open source project was created in 2001 until the end of 2010. Univa’s contributions are second only to Sun/Oracle. By comparison the third most active contributor has roughly 12,000 lines of code changes.

Univa subsequently delivered version 8.0.1 in the third quarter of 2011 that maintained the pace of product improvement and quality for Univa Grid Engine customers.

About Univa Corporation

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