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Univa Announces General Availability of Navops Command

Scheduling Superpowers for Kubernetes

CNCF/KUBECON – Booth 13 – Seattle, WA – November 8, 2016 – Univa, a leading innovator of workload management today announced the general availability of Navops Command and will showcase its much anticipated Navops Command product this week with a live demo at KubeCon. Coined "Scheduling Superpowers for Kubernetes", Navops Command implements sophisticated workload scheduling and advanced policy management for enterprises to take full advantage of containers on any Kubernetes distribution. Navops provides organizations the unique ability to better optimize utilization of Kubernetes resources and save money ultimately.

Navops Command runs on any Kubernetes distribution so customers can work with their choice of Kubernetes distribution like RedHat's OpenShift, Navops Launch, CoreOS's Tectonic, and Rancher, and still get the benefit of Command's advanced policy management.

"Red Hat OpenShift customers can benefit from the policy management and resource efficiency improvements that Navops Command brings to Kubernetes, allowing them to run mixed workloads like HPC alongside microservice applications with more ease," said Chris Morgan, OpenShift Technical Director of Ecosystem at Red Hat.

"Given the breadth of application components and now infrastructures that must be supported, enterprises are very interested in managing compute resources as a single entity as much as possible, including on-premise and cloud environments," said Jay Lyman, principal analyst for 451 Research. "Software such as Univa's Navops Command can enable organizations to consolidate and pool container clusters with traditional compute clusters for efficiency, performance and cost savings in enterprise workloads."

Key capabilities include:
• Advanced scheduling algorithms
• Sophisticated policies for managing SLAs
• Automated prioritization when resources become scarce
• Manage cluster resources efficiently

"We're excited to see the burgeoning ecosystem around Kubernetes and the unique capabilities that established players like Univa are bringing to the market" said David Aronchick, Kubernetes Product Manager at Google, "Univa's expertise in scheduling and policy management for enterprise workloads will benefit customers adopting Kubernetes and containers."

Together with Navops Command, Univa is also announcing Mixed Workload Support allowing organizations to run containerized and legacy, un-containerized workloads within a Kubernetes cluster. Arbitrary applications such as Spark, Hadoop or batch Jobs can be run side by side with microservice-based applications sharing the same server infrastructure, networking and storage. This capability greatly simplifies migration to containerized environments and to Kubernetes in particular.

"Enterprise customers have complex requirements that include the resource management of their micro-service applications as well as a need to integrate batch and non-containerized workloads," said Rob Lalonde, VP and GM of Navops, "We are excited to release Navops Command to help optimize Kubernetes deployments. The addition of managing traditional, non-container workloads will be another great benefit to our customers."

Product Information and Download
We encourage you to download the beta at http://navops.io/command.html.

More on Navops
Navops is a suite of products that enables enterprises to take full advantage of Kubernetes and provides the ability to quickly and easily deploy a container-ready infrastructure and run containers at scale. Navops utilizes workload placement and advanced policy management across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. With Navops, companies can automate micro-service applications and efficiently respond to end-user demand. For more information, please visit www.navops.io or follow Twitter @Navops

About Univa Corporation
Univa is the leading innovator of workload management products that optimize performance of applications, services and containers. Univa enables enterprises to fully utilize and scale compute resources across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. Advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities provide insights to make scheduling decisions and achieve even faster time-to-results. Univa's solutions help hundreds of companies to manage thousands of applications and run billions of tasks every day. Univa is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Canada and Germany. For more information, please visit www.univa.com.

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