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Read What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Univa

Gridware"I'm very excited by Univa providing continuity and ongoing support for Grid Engine. This is clearly a win-win-win situation: GE's thousands of users now have access to enterprise-class support at Univa, Univa customers benefit from the extended capabilities now available for fully optimizing data center efficiency; and the GE open source community can rest assured that robust development will continue thanks to Univa's commitment to the project."
– Wolfgang Gentzsch, former CEO and President of Genias Software which originally developed the Grid Engine software acquired by Sun

Argonne"This move propels Univa into a lead position in both the data center optimization and workload management spaces. We selected Grid Engine as a core part of Univa's software stack almost five years ago due to its market leading feature set, large user community and vibrant open source community, all backed by a fantastic engineering team. Now that key members of the Grid Engine team are part of Univa, it seems a no-brainer for GE users to go with Univa for ongoing GE technology and services, as well as the broader data center optimization stack Univa has built around GE."
– Steve Tuecke, co-founder of Univa and Deputy Director of the Computation Institute at University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

"Combining the Grid Engine and Univa technology offerings was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that the new Univa EMEA team and I just couldn't miss. Now we'll be able to interact with and serve users worldwide investigating and understanding their data center optimization needs and providing the most innovative and enterprise-strength solutions to meet those needs."
– Fritz Ferstl, Grid Engine founder

BioTeam"Hearing that the core Grid Engine development team has landed in a new and supportive home is extremely exciting. Grid Engine's continued success depends heavily on the technology and support options available to the user community. Today's announcement is a huge boost to the community and also expands the choices available to those who need commercially licensed products. We are particularly excited that Univa plans to offer support options for the open source product. This satisfies a need we have long seen in our own market and is something that BioTeam will use quite heavily."
– Chris Dagdigian, Principal Consultant at BioTeam

The University of Chicago"Univa developing and supporting Grid Engine is welcome news for the GE community. This move by Univa brings with it a new competitive spirit and sense of innovation to a market that continuously benefits from pushing the envelope."
– Ian Foster, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

Deopli"The impact of using poorly optimized technology can be measured in revenue or lost profits. Since the complexity of the data center has grown in a non-linear manner, it no longer makes sense to manually manage processes. Rather, the correct answer is to leverage policy; that is, to automate the correct lower-level events to occur in the right sequence, at the right time, at the right frequency, and only when necessary. Before one can automate there are many elements that must be integrated. We believe Univa's data center optimization approach can readily help companies achieve rapid ROI.
The integration of these key Grid Engine resources into Univa's workforce will further strengthen their already unique data center optimization offerings. Consider an optimization solution as a hierarchical pyramid of capabilities, where each level must be built to support the weight of the levels above it. With the acquisition of this solid Grid Engine foundation, the Univa solution is architected to bear the full weight of the optimization pyramid from the bottom level to the top, which incorporates the complex dynamics of the customer business itself."
– Scott Clark, Founder and President, Deopli Corporation

Exludus"Grid Engine users will benefit from Univa's unique expertise and broad product line. Together, Univa and Exludus products offer great improvements to cluster performance and throughput."
– Dale Geldart, CEO, Exludus

Tata Steel"Throughout our business relationship Univa has proved to be an innovative company with a very strong technical capability and market vision. This announcement reinforces that fact - it's great news for Univa's customers, current and future."
– Mike Twelves, Manager KBE, Safety & IT Systems at Tata Steel, Automotive Engineering

Bad Dog Consulting"Univa has a proven track record of fostering open source. Univa's move to secure Grid Engine's future is great news for the user community. As a part of the community I look forward to working with Univa to continue to improve Grid Engine and spread its usage."
– Bill Deegan, Founder, Bad Dog Consulting

"With demand increasing for both supercomputing power and open-source software in today's computing environments, the need for a mature open-source solution for distributed resource management (DRM) is even more crucial. However, since all current Grid Engine project forks have only a small number of developers and users, commercial users and enterprises cannot easily choose an offering that their businesses infrastructures can rely upon. With Univa's announcement today, users now have access to a reliable and commercial-grade open-source Grid Engine solution. I strongly believe the Grid Engine community needs only one open-source version of Grid Engine – one that is technologically advanced enough to replace expensive proprietary DRM solutions. Univa's solution will be that version."
– Rayson Ho, independent Grid Engine developer and maintainer of the Open Grid Scheduler project

"It's great to see renewed engineering effort from the original Grid Engine team, with commercial support from Univa for the free version. I hope the HPC community will get behind this in the spirit of Sun's original project agenda, with increased success in the light of experience. The work we've done so far to continue Sun's project should be useful as Univa brings a new class of Grid Engine offerings to users."
– Dr. Dave Love, originator of the Son of Grid Engine community project

VMware"What great news for the HPC community! Having been at Sun for many years and in fact having been involved in Sun's decision to acquire the Grid Engine technology and team, I am very aware of Grid Engine's value for HPC and its popularity within the community. That Grid Engine seemed destined to be absorbed into Oracle's vast commercial software stack with a decreasing focus on HPC generally and on Grid Engine's open source community in particular, seemed to spell the end of Grid Engine as a viable distributed resource manager for the HPC community. Univa's move has changed the Grid Engine landscape entirely, much in the same way that Whamcloud and ClusterStor (now part of Xyratex) have bolstered confidence in the future of the Lustre parallel file system. If Univa is going to deliver on its datacenter optimization vision, it needs a strong competency in distributed resource management and a firm and credible product and technology roadmap on which to base its offerings. The changes announced today are a very positive step in this direction, putting Univa in a strong position to deliver optimization solutions that span both bare metal and virtualized environments for HPC."
– Josh Simons, VMware

The Register"Univa wants Grid Engine to be extended and improved in ways that help HPC customers. And so, the company will be working with other Grid Engine community members to put together a new distribution and offer support on that as well as prior Grid Engine versions....Open Grid Scheduler sought to maintain the Grid Engine product and provide patches and updates, just like Univa is promising to do. The difference with Univa is that it has the tech people on staff who can credibly offer an alternative to what Oracle is doing. Or not doing, as the case may be....Univa also has a tool that converts the scripts used in Platform Computing's Load Sharing Facility (LSF)... so they can be run on Grid Engine. The conversion tool can emulate more than 100 LSF commands and convert them to the equivalent Grid Engine functions. This tool can port about 90 per cent of the LSF commands, says Tyreman, making it a lot easier for companies to jump from LSF to Grid Engine."
– Timothy Prickett Morgan The Register

InsideHPC"I think this is great news for the myriad of Grid Engine users out there. Not only will a Free version be maintained and improved, but solid support will be available from Univa as well."
– Rich Brueckner, President, InsideHPC

Ahrono Associates"Without a robust DRM, a cloud will not perform at peak. Whether we call the cluster a grid or a cloud, it has more to do features related to the business model of clouds versus grids. But for building solid, production, reliable, peak performance clouds, [Univa's version of Grid Engine] will be the best ingredient... Univa's Grid Engine will revitalize a market for robust DRM software, whether used in Univa's own Data Center and cloud product line or by any provider of private and hybrid clouds."
– Miha Ahronovitz, Ahrono Associates, led HPC strategy for Sun