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Why Univa

Univa Products Support Mission Critical Applications:

  • Converged Big Data and Big Compute Applications
  • Enterprise Business and Operational Applications
  • Technical Computing Applications

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About Us

What we do

Univa is a data center automation company. The typical enterprise data center has a significant amount of server resources sitting idle. In fact, the average utilization rate is less than 25%. Our workload management solution maximizes the value of existing computing resources by efficiently sharing workloads across machines - increasing utilization to 90% or even 95%.

We give our customers the power to manage their entire computational space, no matter how big or where it is deployed. Univa's core product, Grid Engine™ software, is a distributed resource management system that allows organizations to run large quantities of mission-critical compute-intensive applications faster, more efficiently, and with lower overall costs. Univa also provides software to optimize expensive testing and simulation licenses as well as award-winning reporting and analysis tools.

Why we do it

We take pride in powering the innovations of the future. Our solutions unify Big Compute and Big Data workload management for companies in all industries. Univa's software suite enables new breakthroughs in science and technology, world-class discoveries and product development.

For example, we accelerate the processing of massive amounts of data and sophisticated analyses to increase discovery productivity in life sciences. Our solutions help aerospace companies accelerate the design, development and testing of military aircraft and bring faster results to commercial airlines optimizing the schedule of crew and fleet. We enable product design analysis in industrial manufacturing. Our software gives greater processing power to run simulations and models for oil and gas companies.

Our mission is to provide you industry-specific solutions to address the demanding requirements of your computing infrastructure no matter how complex or unique.

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