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Evolve with Univa!

We have assembled some key information and contact details to help you understand why this is good for you.

Who is Univa?

Univa Corporation is the developer of commercial Grid Engine, the most widely deployed, distributed resource management software platform used by enterprises and research organizations across the globe.

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What does this mean for you?

Univa is adding value to Grid Engine at a rapid pace. In the past year alone we have made substantial advances in new features and stability. We are the one company with the expertise and means to drive Grid Engine further and that creates value and lowers your cost.

Our customers are the who's who of Grid Engine users:

  • • 4 of 5 Top users by core counts
  • • 4 of 5 Top commercial users

Special Offer:

Jeppesen has negotiated a set time-limited price per core for a one year license for Univa Grid Engine which provides for the right to use the product and includes all Maintenance and Support as well as any upgrades, new releases and bug fixes during the subscription term.

Upgrading to Univa Grid Engine is a simple process that is clearly documented. In addition, Univa will offer support during your upgrade to ensure a quick and successful transition.

"Jeppesen believes that using supported versions of all required third party products is the desired option of a majority of our customers."

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"Jeppesen has selected Univa as the supported Grid Engine software, as this was the most appealing alternative looking at both cost and Univa's ability to make future enhancements to the product."

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