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"With Univa Grid Engine software our system has been enhanced with advanced features and integrations," said Suzanne Poulat, Operations Team Leader at CCIN2P3. "We are better equipped to implement a highly scalable computing solution and increase operational efficiency."

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If you are an Oracle Grid Engine Customer, you've come to the right place. We are excited to welcome you to the Univa family. Here is where you will find information related to the transition of your account and support from Oracle to Univa Corporation.

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"Upgrading to Univa Grid Engine".

Watch on demand webinar on upgrading from Oracle Grid Engine to Univa Grid Engine. Learn about Univa's acquisition of Grid Engine assets and what this means for you, the Grid Engine roadmap and what Univa has to offer.

Who is Univa?

Univa Corporation is the sole commercial provider of Grid Engine software. We have been selected by Oracle to assume support for all Oracle customers. Please find helpful information and contacts below.

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Helpful Information

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For more information about the transfer of your account, call +1-800-370-5320. To access Customer Support visit our Support Portal at https://support.univa.com.

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