Intel® Cluster-Ready and Univa: Simplifying HPC

Intel Cluster-Ready Program Univa is a member of the Intel Cluster-Ready Program and has certified its cluster scheduling and management products to be Cluster-Ready.

Univa's ICR-certified technology

  • UniCluster: UniCluster is ICR-certified, and the 4.1 version offers an ICR Pro Pack.

With an ICR-certified UniCluster product, customers can be confident their clusters will perform as expected, right out of the box. A Cluster Ready UniCluster platform makes it easier for end users to acquire clusters and deploy them to run applications.

About ICR

The Intel Cluster Ready program lets customers simplify the purchase, deployment and management of Intel processor-based HPC clusters. In collaboration with a broad ecosystem of OEMs and ISVs, the program ensures that applications written to run on one certified cluster can reliably run on another certified cluster; conversely, a certified cluster will support multiple Intel Cluster Ready ISV applications.

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