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The Leading Solution Suite for Enterprise Technical Computing & Big Data Applications

Univa has developed the industry‘s most powerful and integrated solution suite for mission-critical enterprise technical computing and big data applications. Our advanced suite is proven in the most demanding enterprises across a number of industry verticals. Its ability to scale to large clusters and high throughput workloads, coupled with its ease of application integration, makes it the solution of choice for hundreds of enterprises, academic institutions and government agencies.

Backed by unsurpassed expertise and unbeatable services and support, only Univa offers a complete, fully integrated, end-to-end solution set:


Lower Costs

A fully integrated solution means it works out-of-the-box and that reduces the services and time spent on customizations. The fact that hundreds of our customers have already deployed offers peace of mind that our solution suite works in your data center with your configuration. Plus, we have the expertise standing by if or when you need assistance.

Multi-Application Support

Univa software unifies Big Compute and Big Data workload management by making it possible to fully leverage and share existing cluster resources through innovations like Hadoop support, multi-core systems, hybrid servers and cloud computing - ensuring organizations are future-proofed today.

Better Performance

Univa has made Grid Engine faster than ever by improving the speed of several aspects of the product with new features and functionality designed to improve dispatching and throughput.

Happier End-Users

Higher throughput, quick resolution to downtime and more successful workloads means end-user productivity goes up and complaints are the only thing that go down.

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