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What's New in 5.8?

Enhancements in Grid MP 5.8 include:

  • Performance Improvements ensure faster performance in scheduling, console and overall system operation with very high numbers of devices and work units
  • New support for Amazon EC2 Spot Instances allows fine grained budgetary control of cloud bursting workload
  • Console Usability Improvements make it easier than ever to manage work
  • Improved diagnostics for Grid MP services and Agent

Grid MP

Grid MP™ is the leading product for building distributed computing environments from both non-dedicated and dedicated resources to deliver increased capacity. From small-scale desktop scavenging deployments to global enterprise-class and even Internet-based grids, Grid MP is proven to increase productivity, efficiency, innovation, and performance.

Grid MP 5.8 reduces operating costs and improves productivity by harnessing unused compute cycles from local or remote resources. No other commercial technology is engineered to operate across thousands of disparate, globally-dispersed devices. Grid MP‘s proven scalability, speed of application enablement, and ease of management and operation are among the top features cited by satisfied customers worldwide.

Why Grid MP?

  • Quickly define a validated process for job execution for FDA compliance
  • Engineered for large-scale, non-dedicated environments
  • Easy application enablement
  • Unobtrusive to end users
  • Fast, simple installation process
  • Embedded meta-data layer for automatic data tracking, reporting and validation

Many of the largest companies in life sciences depend on Grid MP to keep track of all the data related to job runs - where the job was executed, what type of machine and how long it took. By automating this function Grid MP allows companies to quickly define a validated process for job execution that goes a long way toward achieving FDA compliance.

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