Univa License Orchestrator

Univa License Orchestrator™ prioritizes the sharing of limited application licenses according to business objectives by incorporating availability into Univa® Grid Engine™ software scheduling decisions. The software enables maximum workload throughput for users, groups or projects with flexible sharing policies and simple configuration.

Getting to market quickly is paramount for highly competitive organizations. Engineers, scientists and designers are under extreme pressure to design, test, and deliver results in tight timeframes. The main challenge that can hinder this process is prioritized access to expensive and scarce application license features.

Univa License Orchestrator integrates Univa Grid Engine software polices for managing the allocation of license features across users, groups or projects. Global license pools can be shared across multiple clusters with the ability to guarantee license availability. As an organization‘s mix of license requirements change, Univa License Orchestrator automatically detects changes in license counts in FlexNet Publisher.

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