Grid Engine On Demand - Powered by RightScale

For many organizations the high capital costs, lack of data center space and the specialized knowledge of deploying and managing high performance compute clusters eliminates the possibility of adoption.

The complexity and difficulty associated with creating and accessing a compute cluster can be daunting. Command lines and manual steps create confusion and exclude new users.


  • Click `n Go - Submit workload to Grid Engine within as few as 10 minutes
  • Full Automation
  • Configurable number of compute nodes
  • Intel Cluster Ready support

A Leap Forward

For many organizations, high capital costs, lack of data center space and specialized knowledge of deploying and managing high performance compute clusters have traditionally eliminated the possibility of adopting an HPC solution. Now, Univa and RightScale join forces to bring ease of use and simplicity to HPC in the Cloud. Never before has extending Grid Engine to the cloud been easier or more affordable.

One Click HPC offers the flexibility of preserved workflow integration, choice of configurations and the simplicity of on-demand access to cloud cluster-computing resources without the high capital investments.Whether your organization is just beginning to use HPC, wants to expand its application or is seeking to add on-demand capacity to in-house systems, this solution is for you.

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Anyone Can Use HPC in the Cloud

The RightScale cloud management platform enables organizations to easily deploy and manage cloud servers. The integration with UniCloud extends the RightScale platform by automating an Intel Cluster Ready standardized Grid Engine cluster configuration with the simplicity of a ServerTemplate. All with just one click, a Univa Grid Engine Cluster on demand.

Intel Cluster Ready in the Cloud

Intel® Cluster Ready (ICR) is an architecture and program that makes it easier to gain the performance advantages of HPC clusters. Univa One Click HPC takes ICR to the next level by embedding configuration validation in HPC Cloud architecture. Peace of mind comes with the assurance of this validation program.

Pricing You Can Live With

Univa One Click HPC features your choice of pricing models. Choose from an affordable monthly flat-fee or enjoy the flexibility of the dynamic pay-per-use model. No initiation or set-up fees, and it is as simple as the click of a button.

Powered by RightScale Means Simplicity

Thousands of companies depend on RightScale every day to run business-critical applications in the cloud. Whether you are just getting started and need a simple on-ramp to the cloud or require support for complex deployments spanning multiple clouds, RightScale provides complete automation while simultaneously giving you the flexibility, control, and portability you desire.

Univa One Click HPC leverages RightScale's Cloud-Ready ServerTemplates. Even with minimal knowledge of cloud architectures, it is possible to take advantage of our pre-packaged Grid Engine ServerTemplate to get up and running on the cloud fast, and rather focus your time on your own application while trusting in the reliability, resiliency, and performance of the Cloud.

The benefits of One-Click HPC UniCloud with RightScale include the simplicity of launching for novice cloud users, allowing organizations to create clusters to meet demand such that capex investments are limited, and a dramatic reduction in opex (administration of clusters).

How Do I Get Started?

  • Register with Rightscale at
  • Subscribe to the Univa Grid Engine Solution
  • Run the Univa Grid Engine Macro to create cluster of X nodes