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Value and Benefits
Performance and Cost.

Now Included: With Univa Grid Engine software

Performance Benefits: Improve resource utilization and productivity by:

  • Scalability - quickly report against more than 3 million jobs per day
  • Speed - Run reports across millions of rows in seconds
  • Improving planning and aligning resource usage with business priorities and requirements

Battle Tested: Deployed in Production by Univa Customers at Scale

  • Proven to work; Replaces costly home-grown solutions
  • Single instance, single database, multiple clusters

UniSight™ is the most comprehensive reporting and analysis tool on the market used to evaluate Grid Engine software and Grid MP deployments.

UniSight makes it easy for organizations to track and measure resource utilization without adding complexity to administrators' tasks. This powerful and highly scalable product collects current and historical job data that can be used to generate insightful reports while providing unmatched visibility into the utilization of existing hardware and license resources.

With UniSight, organizations take an important step toward data center automation by understanding resource utilization and workload flow. The simple install and configuration, coupled with unique multiple cluster and scheduler support, ensures important reporting processes remain lightweight. Armed with the knowledge obtained in the reports, companies can reduce spending, ensure investments are delivering value, and make truly informed IT strategy and budget decisions.

UniSight has further simplified the administration overhead by removing ARCO, resulting in unrivalled usability and unmatched reliability.

Our reports save the administrators time with a simple click and choose date format that translates into a very real benefit of high performance data collection for simplified collaboration and decision-making. This feature allows you to track your usage as per business objectives, ensuring a better return on investment.

UniSight provides a web console allowing administrators to create users as need dictates- and provides them with access to the console, enabling sharing and collaboration.


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