Univa is the leading innovator of enterprise-class workload scheduling and management solutions

Our software optimizes throughput and performance of applications, containers and services
by maximizing shared compute resources across on-premise, hybrid and cloud infrastructures.

Lower Costs

Our solution works out-of-the-box and reduces time spent on customization.

Better Performance

Univa shares resources efficiently where demand is high, regardless of applications or frameworks.


Univa software supports more application types at scale than any other platform.

Happier End-Users

More throughput without downtime means productivity increases while complaints decrease.

Univa® Grid Engine® is the leading distributed resource management system that optimizes resources in thousands of data centers by transparently selecting the resources that are best suited for each segment of work.

Grid Engine software manages workloads automatically, maximizes shared resources and accelerates deployment of any container, application or service in any technology environment, on-premise or in the cloud.

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Select from a variety of Univa Grid Engine add-ons to create a customized solution

Container Edition

Configuration, scheduling and orchestration software to improve the velocity and efficiency of Docker containers.

License Orchestrator

A manager for the allocation of licensed applications and application features shared across Univa Grid Engine clusters.

Universal Resource Broker

A compute pool of distributed resources that hosts Big Data frameworks and data center services on top of clusters.

Unisight Reporting

A tool that allows organizations to measure, track and chargeback usage on dynamic and shared clusters.


Solution to enable the utilization of public and private cloud resources to meet increased workload demands.

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Univa Grid Engine is the path to scaled up data centers and will support any existing environment.

Broadest Operating System Support

Container and Microservices Support

Extensive Hardware Support

Wide Application & Framework Support

  • Run data centers more efficiently

    Our dynamic orchestration means silos can be broken

  • Greatly reduce TCO

    With greater efficiency comes common management tools and practices

  • Maximize application efficiency

    Starting, running, developing and deploying workload is simplified

  • Use API for onboarding

    Develop new applications on any supported framework or directly interface with our Web Services