Benchmark Report:
UniCloud in a Virtual Environment

"With these results we've proven that a computing environment running Oracle VM with UniCloud… can do what was previously considered impossible: reduce or even reverse the performance penalty traditionally associated with virtualized environments."

– Wim Coekaerts, Vice President of Linux and VM Engineering at Oracle

"This white paper clearly demonstrates that UniCloud running on the latest Intel hardware and Oracle VM Server renders the dreaded virtualization overhead virtually nonexistent."

– Gary Tyreman, CEO, at Univa

Stunning Report Highlights EDA Application Performance
using Intel

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This technical benchmark study documents the results of running EDA applications in a private cloud environment - created by UniCloud - with Intel architecture and Oracle VM.

Univa analyzed results from 5 end user applications and 9 lab benchmarks (such as NFS performance, network performance etc.) – the startling results show minimal application slowdown with several CPU and memory intensive applications actually running faster in a VM environment.


  • The collected results show an average 2% slowdown, with several CPU and memory intensive applications actually running between 2 and 4% faster in a VM.
  • UniCloud running on Nehalem generation Intel® microarchitecture and Oracle VM offsets the virtualization performance penalty due to 2.25x increase in performance over current generation quad-core and nearly 9x performance gains over single-core machines.
  • The NAS Parallel Benchmarks (NPB) test showed that virtualization overhead was non-existent and some of the results were faster than bare metal.

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