Intel® Cluster Ready and UniCloud* simplify management of HPC clusters in public clouds

Creating Intel® Cluster Ready-compatible HPC clusters in a public cloud made easy


Audience and Purpose

For users evaluating benefits of using High-performance Computing (HPC) applications and IT organizations that are looking to build their own HPC facilities, Cloud Computing provides an easy way to quantify Return-on-Investment in HPC infrastructure and software. This whitepaper prepared by Intel® and Univa* provides a step-by-step guidance to setup an HPC cluster in a public cloud using UniCloud*, an HPC Platform as a Service product by Univa*, Intel® Cluster tools and Intel® Cluster Checker. This paper includes detailed steps and screenshots and could significantly help reduce the time required to build and operate an HPC cluster1. By leveraging knowledge and expertise, Univa* and Intel® created a product which provides a push-button management of an HPC platform, thus allowing HPC users to concentrate on using an HPC application and significantly reduce the time spent on cluster configuration2.

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