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Multi-Cloud Management: Operations Guide

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About the Operations Guide

With the Cloud Builder Operations Guide, users have a detailed blueprint for standing up their own multi-cloud.

This guide provides documentation for installation, configuration and usage of various software components used for Univa's Multi-Cloud prototype on Intel's Cloud Builder test bed. The document covers all steps necessary to install and configure the following software:

  • Active Directory (Microsoft)
  • vCenter Server (VMware)
  • UniPortal (Univa)
  • Reliance (Univa)
  • UniCloud (Univa)

All installation and configuration procedures described in the guide are customized to ICB test bed. In addition to those procedures, the document contains instructions for demonstrating all test cases outlined in the Univa ICB Test Plan.

How to Get a Copy

The Multi-Cloud Operations Guide is available:

  • As an implementation resource: Customers who are confident they can use the Guide to stand up their own cloud without help from Univa can purchase the Guide for US $10,000
  • As part of a PoC: Customers who would like Univa’s assistance in implementing the initial multi-cloud will receive the Guide free as part of their paid Proof of Concept (PoC)