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Grid Engine Intermediate Administration Training


This course is designed to give system administrators the knowledge required to implement and maintain Grid Engine in their working environment. They will gain an understanding of workload resource management, cluster configuration and administration. Students will also be performing hands-on exercises.


A basic course targeted for system administrators and users who will implement Grid Engine and who will be responsible for managing their environment.

This course is applicable to all versions of Grid Engine.


A basic knowledge of Linux/UNIX operation system is required.

Course Outline

Grid Engine Concepts and Components
Common User Tasks
  • • Basic job submission
  • • Common tasks

Configuration - Level I

  • • Host and queue configuration
  • • Complexes and load sensors (resources)

Job Types and Environments - Level I

  • • Parallel jobs and environments
    • • Multi-threaded, MPI, etc.
    • • Loose vs. tight integration
  • • Array jobs
  • • Introduction to check pointing environment

Scheduler Policies and Features - Level I

  • • Univa Grid Engine scheduler
  • • Resource reservations
  • • Introduction to advance reservations
  • • Resource quota sets

Introduction to Job Submission Verifiers and Job Classes - Level I

  • • Managing job submission (JSV)
  • • Job classes

Questions and Answers

Why Univa?

We are the Grid Engine developers

"...we were finally able to switch our focus away from a malfunctioning [open source] Grid Engine..."

  • • We have the know-how and the systems
  • • Proper configuration improves performance

Time is Money

"...the benefits are significant, especially in managing the risk the business is exposed to."
– Tata Steel

  • • Professional Training
  • • Learn the insights to administration not found in the documentation

Future Proofed is Safe

"If we didn't have Grid Engine software it would be a major investment to go live with Aggregator and Hadoop."
– Archimedes

  • • Integrate new applications including Hadoop

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