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This is Where Grid Engine Lives. This is how to protect your investment:

  • For Current Grid Engine Users: Univa Grid Engine is a drop-in replacement complete with enterprise-class features and world-class support.
  • For Users of Other Schedulers There's no better time to switch to Univa Grid Engine. Talk to a Univa Representative and find out how your business will benefit from moving to Univa Grid Engine

Protect Your Grid Engine Investment

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Protect Your Investment

With Univa, organizations now have a clear choice when considering how to best protect their significant investment in Grid Engine. Univa offers current Grid Engine users a future development path with a rich feature set that will continually improve the benefits driven from Grid Engine investments. Since Univa Grid Engine is a drop-in replacement there are zero switching costs and organizations can eliminate the risk of feature freeze.

Univa Grid Engine is engineered, tested and fully supported by the Univa Grid Engine Team.

Univa Grid Engine 8.0 is Here!

This release enhances the Grid Engine open source core platform with advanced features and integrations into enterprise-ready systems as well as cloud management solutions that allow organizations to implement the most scalable and high performing distributed computing solution on the market.

  • Drop-in replacement means zero switching costs.
  • Future development path with rich feature set that improves Grid Engine value.
  • Eliminate the risk of feature freeze
  • Fully Supported by Univa Grid Engine Team
  • Zero Switching Costs

    Univa Grid Engine 8.0 is API and configuration compatible with existing Grid Engine implementations of 6.2U5. As a drop-in replacement upgrading to Univa Grid Engine 8.0 is a snap! Risk is eliminated and reward is within easy reach.

    Aggressive Engineering Roadmap

    Only Univa is actively engineering a roadmap specifically aimed at innovating Grid Engine compute clusters from scalability to license management.

    In addition to development and extension to the core functionality of Grid Engine, Univa innovates the ease of use of HPC, cloud computing and uniquely offers deeply integrated products that focus on optimizing data centers, people, processes and budgets. Read more

    Avoid Feature Freeze

    Univa Grid Engine product releases enhance the open source core platform with advanced features and integrations. Only Univa has the dedicated engineering expertise, the roadmap and a clear path to deliver greater benefits to Grid Engine users. Users who upgrade to Univa Grid Engine will remain ahead of the technology innovation curve and will enjoy the highest utilization and business benefit from their Grid Engine investment.

    For more information on our Univa Grid Engine features please click here.

    All from the Univa Grid Engine Team

    On January 18, 2011, the Core Grid Engine development team joined Univa. Univa is Where Grid Engine Lives. We are the development and commercial source for Grid Engine. Our product roadmap is complete and full of features and capabilities important to all existing and future Grid Engine users.

    Univa Grid Engine is fully backed by the engineering experience and unique know-how of the primary developers who built and supported the product for over a decade. Univa Grid Engine 8.0 is quality controlled and fully supported by Univa.

    Not Using Grid Engine?

    There is a perception that choices are limited when it comes to commercial schedulers. But now, there's no better time to switch to or stay with Univa Grid Engine. While others promote expensive, risky and time consuming professional services backed migrations, only Univa has developed expertise and a product to migrate schedulers without breaking workflow and introducing risk. In fact we have a process that automates many of the migration technical tasks and can reduce transition from months to days or hours. Univa has helped many organizations migrate from Platform LSF to Grid Engine and only Univa has a repeatable process and minimizes the risk associated with the project.

    Talk to a Univa representative and find out how your business will benefit from moving to Univa Grid Engine 8.0. You might just save up to 50%.

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