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Case Study

TATA Steel Automotive Engineering Depends on Univa

Executive Summary

TATA Steel Automotive Engineering’s concern grew when open source Grid Engine support and development was discontinued by Oracle. Grid Engine is a business critical application in their environment. They recognized the likelihood that product enhancements and innovations would cease.

Read how TATA Steel Automotive Engineering moved from a self-support solution to Univa Grid Engine. You can get more out of your environment and your budget with Univa Grid Engine. If you're running your mission critical business applications on open source Grid Engine, you're tied to a less supportable, unsecure and therefore more costly deployment. You may be running into performance and stability issues and adding more resources will only increase costs, without reducing your exposure.

Give your organization the competitive edge and leave the danger of outages behind.

"It's actually not a big step (financially) to go from an open source solution to an open core solution, but the benefits are significant, especially in managing the risk the business is exposed to.”

Mike Twelves, TSAE

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