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Case Study

James Hutton Institute Migrates to Univa Grid Engine software from open source Sun Grid Engine

Makes transition for long term product development and enterprise-grade support

Executive Summary

The James Hutton Institute is a world-leading scientific research organization working to provide solutions to global challenges in food, energy and water security. The Institute works from multiple locations including sites in the UK.

The Institute faced a number of challenges preventing them from running at full speed including loss of an internal resource to support Linux, lack of storage and compute and the need for a viable job scheduler within realistic budget constraints.

Although they had not previously faced major issues with Sun Grid Engine, they knew its future viability was questionable and the long-term health of their computing infrastructure could be at risk. A functioning Grid Engine software was crucial to the Institute’s bioinformatics work and any problems would lead to undesirable downtime, and could bring research to a halt.

The James Hutton Institute migrated to Univa Grid Engine software in December 2012. Now the Institute has in place a robust system that was easy to deploy, simple to use, and has presented no problems. Univa Grid Engine software requires much less management and requires no dedicated staff to manage the scheduler, since they can fully lean on Univa’s enterprise-grade support.

"Our upgrade to Univa Grid Engine software was a seamless transition which took less than an hour and we have not yet required Univa support as it has worked perfectly."

Iain Milne, James Hutton Institute

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