How One Company Uses Univa License Orchestrator to Accelerate
their Product Design Process

Delivering 50% Reduction in License Expenses and Expediting Time-To-Market

Executive Summary

One of our customers in the telecommunications industry develops application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) that are integrated into their products. The design engineers rely heavily on software tools to design integrated circuits, analyze entire semiconductor chips, run simulations and automate the design verification process. The challenge was to manage the allocation of their software licenses to reduce the design cycle period and expedite time-to-market.


  • Double reduction in software assets expenditure
  • Accelerate time-to-results in product delivery schedule
  • Keep infrastructure highly utilized and productive
  • Optimization & Governance in license usage

License Orchestrator enabled them to synchronize the scheduling of the license with the job. Sophisticated scheduling policies could be defined to map current business objectives to the actual license usage. By incorporating availability into Univa Grid Engine scheduling decisions, License Orchestrator enabled maximum workload throughput for users, groups or projects with flexible sharing policies and simple configuration bringing administration efficiency.

Univa License Orchestrator has helped the company streamline their design process by optimizing their software licenses usage. It gave them a competitive advantage by allowing them to share global license pools across multiple clusters by ensuring prioritization and availability of licenses for critical projects when needed. Budget spending and forecasting could now be maintained as it has empowered IT departments with the ability to gain insight into accurate data on license usage patterns.