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tsae We reduced sys admin time by 80% and cut software costs 30%. – TATA Steel Automotive Engineering

Univa Grid Engine ARM Beta

Univa Brings Enterprise Workload Management to ARMv6 & ARMv7 Servers

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Be the first to deploy Univa Grid Engine 8.1 on an ARM-based cluster and see how easy it is to manage low power resources.

Driven by the demand for new datacenter services to support mobile and cloud computing, ARM will continue to gain in-roads into the datacenter server market because of the low-power and energy efficient design of SOC's based on ARM's technology. As enterprises shift towards highly scalable solutions such as Calxeda, a key enabling technology is intelligent workload management - and we have partnered with Univa to provide our customers with a great solution.
Karl Freund, VP Marketing at Calxeda.

See how our customers save time and money and lower total cost of ownership with Univa Grid Engine improvements, features and new products.

4 of 5 Top Commercial Grid Engine sites depend on Univa

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