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Migrate your HPC Workloads to the Cloud

Grid Engine Cloud Software Kit Free Trial

Configure Univa® Grid Engine® clusters in leading public clouds with Navops Launch Grid Engine Kit. Harness public or Hybrid Cloud resources to meet increasing workload demands, while delivering heightened operational efficiencies. This download also includes the Univa Unisight software Kit to monitor, track and measure resource utilization.

Please complete the form below and a confirmation email with download instructions will be sent to you.

Grid Engine Cloud Software Kit Free Trial Download Form

In order to download the Free Trial of Univa Grid Engine Navops Launch Software Kit you must complete this form, meet eligibility requirements and accept the Terms of the Univa Software License. Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

The Grid Engine Cloud Software Trial Kit you can download after registering requires Navops Launch or its open source counterpart Tortuga being installed previously. Navops Launch or Tortuga will use this kit for automatically installing and scaling a Grid Engine cloud cluster.

If you intend to use Tortuga and you have not built it already please refer to https://github.com/UnivaCorporation/tortuga for details on how to build and install Tortuga. If you intend to operate a production environment and you require support and assistance then we recommend you use Navops Launch, a Univa product based on Tortuga. Please contact sales@univa.com for more information.