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Tech Days

Come and spend an afternoon dedicated to learning about new technology designed to maximize the value of your existing compute resources. Tech Days bring together the brightest minds across a variety of industry verticals in a local forum to share best practices and to collaborate on building modern HPC and data analytics ecosystems.

The networking event is sponsored by Univa, a leading innovator of workload management solutions that optimize throughput and performance of applications, containers and services.


  • • Networking Lunch
  • • Mastering Large-Scale Clusters - scalability, reliability, and diagnostics with Univa Grid Engine
  • • Univa Grid Engine 8.5.4 - an in-depth look at powerful new features
  • • Docker - scheduling containers that use NVIDIA GPUs
  • • Monitoring, Controlling, Analytics - tracking and measuring resource utilization in workload-managed clusters with Unisight
  • • Kubernetes and Navops Control - solving workload placement for microservices and Cloud Native applications
  • • Road Map
  • • Round Table Session

  • Why Attend Univa Tech Days?


    Learn about Univa Grid Engine, Docker containers, cloud and data center solutions to maximize your compute resources


    See live demonstrations of the most recent products and solution add-ons available


    Share experiences with peers and gain insight from HPC, Big Data Analytics and containerization experts

    Event Details

    Date Time Venue

    November 29, 2017 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Mindrome, 4701 Patrick Henry Dr., Building 23, Santa Clara, CA 95054 [Map]

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