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Docker Containers: From Pilots to Production

Ensuring you're prepared for the next series of challenges

Docker Containers and Kubernetes are taking the industry by storm, promising new levels of efficiency for both application developers and operations teams. Even organizations not engaged in a wholesale re-architecture of their application environments can benefit from desirable properties of containers like packaging, portability and service isolation.

While the benefits are real, many organizations face choppy waters as they evolve from initial public or private cloud deployments to production. While Kubernetes is impressive at abstracting resources and managing containers, new services still need to interact with existing applications, and challenges abound related to multi-tenancy, resource scarcity and ensuring that business priorities are met.

Learn about new technologies and strategies that can help ensure a smooth and trouble free evolution as you chart your course from pilot to production. Whether you're advanced in your use of containers or just getting started, there are important insights to be gained.

Key takeaways:

  • • 451 Group's latest research and analysis
  • • The "state of containers" and their adoption in IT
  • • Benefit from case studies and lessons learned by early adopters
  • • Considerations when deploying applications to production
  • • Techniques to maximize utilization and optimize expenditures
  • • Strategies for supporting mixed container and non-container workloads