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Superpowers for Kubernetes

DevOps and Kubernetes, Workload Scheduling and Navops Command featuring Joe Beda

It's no secret that containers are being adopted at a record-setting rate and Kubernetes has become the orchestration solution of choice for many enterprises! As deployments get to production and ultimately to scale, resource constraints will dictate the need for advanced and automated scheduling tools.

The founding engineers of Kubernetes at Google saw in the very early days that advanced scheduling would be required and took into account in their Kubernetes modular architecture the ability to readily replace the Kubernetes scheduler or utilize multiple schedulers in parallel.

Univa has many years of scheduling experience in high performance computing and technical computing applications. We bring to the world of containers innovations like proportional resource share management, resource quotas, access control lists and resource inter-leaving.

This meetup covers Kubernetes architecture, Kubernetes scheduling, the business case for advanced scheduling and the merits and technical capabilities of Navops Command.

About Joe Beda

Joe is a professional Software Engineer with experience with Microsoft and Google, living and working in the Seattle area.

Joe is well know in the container and Kubernetes ecosystem. Most recently, Joe helped start the Kubernetes project (http://kubernetes.io) to manage clusters of compute containers. Before that, Joe founded Google Compute Engine and was the lead engineer for the project.

Joe's experience at Microsoft included playing a key role in designing the next generation graphics system for Windows (graphics and media APIs for WPF). Prior to that he worked on MSHTML/Trident, the rendering engine for Internet Explorer for IE 4, IE 5, IE 5.5 and IE 6.

Joe's education includes a BS in CS with High Distinction and Departmental Honors from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont.

Joe lives in Seattle with his wife, a doctor, and his son and daughter. His hobbies include landscape photography, specializing in digital panoramics.