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Univa® UniCloud™ - HPC Cloud Computing

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UniCloud can integrate existing workflow into the cloud to reduce time-to-solution; consolidate workload onto larger memory and core count machines to reduce power and cooling costs; and provide software assurance for legacy applications by running them in the cloud or virtual machines.

What you will learn:

Mike Frisch, Sr. Software Developer, Univa Corporation

Mike is the lead developer of UniCloud cloud integration/management software leveraging the following cloud/virtualization platforms: libvirt/KVM, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Amazon EC2, and VMware vSphere 5. He has extensive experience with Puppet-based configuration management, including development of custom modules, facts, and functions. He also has experience with Linux cluster deployment concepts and bare-metal provisioning, Linux systems-level software development in cluster technologies, web applications, TCP/IP client/server software development, network file systems.

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