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Univa UniSight 4.0

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UniSight 4.0 is the most comprehensive reporting and real-time monitoring product available today for Grid Engine clusters. It collects current and historical data on jobs, (containerized) applications, users and hosts from one or more Univa Grid Engine clusters. With UniSight, administrators and management can quickly determine cluster efficiency and align policy configuration with unmatched visibility into overall performance of clusters.

UniSight's visually appealing WebUI framework is robust, highly customizable, and also easy to navigate. The highly dynamic UI rapidly creates workload and resource charts, graphs and reports that can be shared with others. In addition, reports can be automatically generated on a schedule or the data can be exported for offline analysis.


• Metrics for monitoring and reporting upon workloads
• Real-time or historical monitoring and reporting metrics
• Assimilating and aggregating data from multiple on-premise and/or cloud-based clusters
• Future-proofed decisions


Ian Lumb, System Architect, Univa Corporation.

As an HPC specialist, Ian Lumb has spent about two decades at the global intersection of IT and science. Ian received his B.Sc. from Montreal's McGill University, and then an M.Sc. from York University in Toronto. Although his undergraduate and graduate studies emphasized geophysics, Ian's current interests include workload orchestration and container optimization for HPC to Big Data Analytics in clusters and clouds.

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