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Univa Unisight 4.3

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Gaining visibility of cluster resources in your HPC environment can pay dividends. In this demo-centric webinar, our team will lead you through a series of exciting capabilities our Unisight product delivers, all designed to make your job easier. Like metrics that Unisight monitors and reports upon for your Grid Engine clusters - on the ground, in the cloud, and anywhere in between. And best of all, we demonstrate the software's powerful new ability to regard those metrics as alert triggers, allowing you to easily craft rules that alert you to even the most sophisticated scenarios.



Ian Lumb, Solutions Architect, Univa Corporation

As an HPC specialist, Ian Lumb has spent about two decades at the global intersection of IT and science. Ian received his B.Sc. from Montreal's McGill University, and then an M.Sc. from York University in Toronto. Although his undergraduate and graduate studies emphasized geophysics, Ian's current interests include workload orchestration and container optimization for HPC to Big Data Analytics in clusters and clouds.

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