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Universal Resource Broker

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Univa solves the hard problems that come with building and managing shared mission-critical and scaled high-performance data centers. As enterprises deploy distributed applications, multiple Big Data frameworks and services to support mission critical business needs or the Internet of Things, the decision to use a single distributed infrastructure has been made simple.

Universal Resource Broker allows enterprises to create a single, virtual high throughput, high performance and hyperscale compute pool out of distributed data center resources by integrating batch, low-latency workload, data center Services and Big Data frameworks in a single distributed and high availability cluster.

Learn how Universal Resource Broker (URB) can allow organizations to efficiently manage and optimize multi-tenant, dynamically partitioned workload within a single cluster.

What you will learn:

Cameron Brunner, Director of Engineering, Univa Corporation

Cameron holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His area of interests are cloud computing infrastructure, HPC cluster technologies, and Linux and OpenSolaris provisioning and configuration.

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