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Corporate Overview »
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Customer Case Studies

Sahara Force India Formula One™: Driving Innovation »
Trek Bicycle: Containerizing Engineering Simulation for Faster CFD »
HGMU: Evolves DRM Software from Open Source to Univa Grid Engine »
Diamond Light Source: Customized onsite training and support programs »
Archimedes: Modeling organization reduces Hadoop Operational cost by 50 percent »
CC-IN2P3: Seamless transition from Oracle Grid Engine to Univa Grid Engine »
TATA Steel: Moving from a self-support solution to Univa Grid Engine »

Customer Briefs

Univa Grid Engine enables new science »
Univa Grid Engine improves scalability »

White Paper

Univa Grid Engine Benchmark Technical Brief »
Benchmark Report: Univa Grid Engine, Nextflow, and Docker for running Genomic Analysis Workflows »
Maximizing Veloce Emulation Platform Utilization with Univa Grid Engine »

Webinars on Demand

Parallel Computing in Production: The Enabling Advantage of Workload Management »
Migrating to Univa Grid Engine: The Top 10 List for Making the Move »
Univa Unisight 4.0 »
Maximizing Veloce Emulation Platform with Univa Grid Engine for Veloce »
Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics »
Univa Grid Engine 8.4.0 »
Docker 101 »
High Performance Computing in the Cloud? »
Univa Grid Engine 8.3.1 »
High Throughput Grid and Cloud Computing (Short Jobs) »
Universal Resource Broker »
Native Microsoft™ Windows Support »
NVIDIA GPUs and Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors »
License Orchestrator »
UniCloud - HPC Cloud Computing »
Read Only Qmaster Thread & Resource Quota Sets »
Support for Linux Control Groups »
DRMAAv2 (Distributed Resource Management Application API Version 2) »

Have you cracked the genetic code to sharing?
Join Archimedes Inc. and Univa as they explore shared infrastructures
including Hadoop in production »

Integrated Applications with Grid Engine

Life Science Integrated Applications with Grid Engine »


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Univa Corporation - Overview Video »
Disruptive Technology, Drilling Deep with Machine Learning as an Enterprise Enabled Micro Service »
Univa @ SC16: Ian Lumb talks about Univa Unisight »
Univa Grid Engine Speeds Workloads with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor »
Univa Grid Engine Geschwindigkeiten von Workloads mit der Intel® Xeon Phi™ -Prozessor »
Univa Short Jobs »
Watch how Sahara Force India designs and manufactures Formula One™ cars »
Univa and Synopsys Collaboration »
Slidecast: Rev Up Your HPC Engine »
Radio Free HPC Looks at HPC Datacenter Evolution »
Slidecast: Univa Acquires Grid Engine Software Assets »
Univa Partners with Europe's science + computing »
NewTechPress Special Report: Univa sets sights on EDA’s future »
insideHPC Rich Report: An overview of Univa Grid Engine Software »