Univa Grid Engine Integration for Hadoop

Managing MapReduce Applications with Univa Grid Engine

Whitepaper Abstract

Managing MapReduce applications in a shared infrastructure by integrating with Univa Grid Engine adds enterprise-level features and capabilities that do not exist otherwise.

Hadoop assumes that all hosts are under its control and will not recognize that other workloads may be executing on the same server it may choose to place a job. This whitepaper will show you how to create an integration that creates a shared resource pool that supports Hadoop as well as any other workload submitted to Univa Grid Engine cluster.

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How to Get the Univa Grid Engine Integration for Hadoop

The integration is available to all Univa customers and prospects. Please note that this integration only supports Univa Grid Engine. Please check for up-to-date version information regularly on our website. To access the download packages you must either contact Univa Support, email sales@univa.com or complete this page and be sure to check the box for "please send me the Integration download instructions"

Prerequisite configuration and requirements

●      The integration currently requires:

  • Univa Grid Engine 8.1.2
  • CentOS-6
  • Cloudera’s Distribution including Hadoop (CDH) version 3u5.