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Maximizing Veloce Emulation Platform Utilization with Univa Grid Engine


The collaboration between Mentor Graphics and Univa accelerates workload throughput during the development cycle and provides pre-silicon testing and debug at hardware speeds using real-world data. Mentor's Veloce2 is the highest-capacity emulation platform on the market and enables complete functional verification of complex systemon-chip (SoC) designs. Its architecture allows the ability for global users to simultaneously run verifications remotely on the same machine. Univa Grid Engine comes with a feature-rich set of policies that affect cluster usage by jobs of varying needs. These policies can be grouped into several classes. Either they dynamically influence job priorities in order to achieve a certain usage ratio of cluster resources from jobs, or they influence the resource selection order. Other policies, like resource quotas and access control lists, can restrict usage of predefined resources.

With Univa Grid Engine for Veloce, Univa offers a complete solution for electronic design automation (EDA) companies to maximize the efficiency and usage of Mentor's Veloce emulation platform resulting in reduced hardware costs and verification time.


Vijay Chobisa, Product Marketing Manager, Mentor Graphics
Ian Lumb, Solutions Architect, Univa Corporation
Daniel Gruber, Senior Solutions Architect, Univa Corporation

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