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Enterprise Application Support

Organizations need more efficient ways to manage the application and server infrastructure for their data-intensive workloads. Without automation to schedule and manage workloads consisting of hundreds of thousands of tasks in a single day, users schedule tasks or jobs at random, which means that jobs aren't often handled according to business priority or the best available it resources at that moment.

Most enterprise applications can benefit from acceleration when tasks are distributed across a clustered set of servers. The advantage of this approach is well understood in both technical computing and Big Data applications. Taking advantage of the leading distributed platform, Univa® Grid Engine™ software, can reduce costs by increasing the utilization of servers and, more importantly, by speeding up the time-to-results.

Supercharge Enterprise Applications

Univa Grid Engine software powers the processing of applications that touch our lives everyday whether it's from scheduling staff, calculating future health risks, or sending rockets to outer space. Our software is deployed in hundreds of enterprise data centers in support of mission-critical applications that are core to their business operations. Univa provides customers with improved reliability, scalability, security and performance of their applications.

  • Applications are supercharged - faster time to results
  • Leverage third party technology eliminates development and on-going support costs
  • Univa Grid Engine software offers reduced exposure

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