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The explosive growth of scale-out computing and data analytics has created a costly management issue - one that puts both status quo and organizations at risk. In this Big Data world that is so dependent on computational assets, should core services fail your business risks grinding to a halt. Organizations need resiliency built into the systems and products they depend on, and a readily accessible, expert support solution for core services.

Univa customers have long been using technology to accelerate time-to-market, solve grand problems and to look for the value that can be driven from large sets of data. Building and managing clusters is what our customers do and its what we know. Univa® Grid Engine™ software unifies Big Compute and Big Data workload management by making it possible to fully leverage and share existing clusters - ensuring the infrastructure is future-proofed.

As Big Data technologies enter the enterprise, they must coordinate and integrate with existing systems management best practices in the data center. While benefits from Big Data applications are immense they can be quickly undermined by poor utilization in a silo or the inability to share.

Univa offers a range of benefits to Big Data applications:

  • Shared infrastructure reduces the costs of deploying Hadoop by up to 50%
  • Policy driven scheduling increases utilization and control
  • Support for dynamic and multiple instances of Hadoop and other applications on a shared cluster
  • Sharing supports high utilization and resource availability

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