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High-Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions

With Univa products you can build and manage a dynamic infrastructure to optimize your technical computing environment, from job scheduling to policy-based automation to cloud bursting. Our award-winning products were built with HPC requirements in mind and are proven to improve resource utilization, increase application performance and simplify the complexity inherent in HPC environments.

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  • Increase resource utilization by sharing previously "siloed" or reserved machines
  • Run more workload in the same timeframe
  • Accommodate job priorities on the fly
  • Ensure licenses are fully utilized
  • Boost productivity for key applications
  • Automatically scale capacity to meet demand
  • Reduce administration time

Univa‘s software suite enables new breakthroughs in a variety of industries including:

  • EDA: Maximize license utilization and simplify the environment while reducing costs » Read more
  • Life Sciences: Expand R&D analysis, improve accuracy and get new drugs to market faster
  • Energy / Oil & Gas: Improve reservoir simulations and analysis for more accurate drilling
  • Manufacturing: Improve simulation and modeling for reduced time to market
  • Telecommunications: Create a multi-tenant, policy-enabled data center to support multiple clients
  • Government: Do more with less – satisfy increasing demand without increasing carbon footprint
  • Academia: Support increased research without the need for new capital investments