Professional Services Solutions

Univa offers Grid Engine software installation, configuration, tuning, porting and training solutions delivered by our expert professional services team. Our team brings a comprehensive set of technical know-how that can only be found at Univa. Our consultants can thoroughly evaluate your environment and infrastructure then deliver professional service solutions to meet your needs.

Why Univa?

We are the Grid Engine software developers

"...we were finally able to switch our focus away from a malfunctioning [open source] Grid Engine..."

  • We have the know-how and the systems
  • Proper configuration improves performance

Time is Money

"...the benefits are significant, especially in managing the risk the business is exposed to." – Tata Steel

  • Professional Training
  • Learn the insights to administration not found in the documentation

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Univa Grid Engine Software Consulting

Our consultants can remotely or on site, analyze Grid Engine software configuration then recommend improvements to meet your goals. We also provide:

  • Application Integration
  • Application Benchmarking
  • Custom scripting and configuration
  • Porting Univa Grid Engine software

For all Univa Grid Engine software Deployments.

Reporting & Analytics Consulting

Univa UniSight collects data on Univa Grid Engine Clusters and can be extended to include new reports and analytics to meet your business and reporting objectives.

  • Custom data collectors other vendor DRMs
  • Custom data collectors for older Grid Engine software
  • New Reports and Analytics

Training & Courses

Our consultants and engineers have extensive experience with Grid Engine software, other vendor DRMs, reporting and analytics tools for Univa Grid Engine software. We can provide standard or customized training courses onsite or remote for small or larger groups of students.

  • Univa Grid Engine User and Administration training
  • Advanced Univa Grid Engine Administration training
  • UniSight User and Administration training
  • UniSight Database Administrator (DBA) training

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