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SportPesa Racing Point Formula

SportPesa Racing Point Formula One Team (www.racingpoint.com) is a competitor in the FIA Formula One World Championship. Univa is a proud sponsor and technical partner with the organization.

SportPesa Racing Point utilizes Univa Grid Engine to support the tight timelines of their engineering design simulations and continual efforts to improve racing performance. Simulations for structural behavior analysis and the modeling of airflow are critical to SportPesa Racing Point's engineering team. Univa Grid Engine ensures that correct simulations are running at the same time providing a more efficient use of applications and a quick turnaround of work throughput.

In addition, SportPesa Racing Point is collaborating with Univa on new functionality that utilizes Windows native support and the ability to holistically run Univa Grid Engine and their simulation pre processing software in a Windows environment. This innovation along with the support and training provided by Univa were important factors in the recent adoption of Univa Grid Engine by SportPesa Racing Point.

"It's fantastic to begin a technical partnership with Univa and benefit from their knowledge of data management software. Almost every area of the team relies on simulation tools to help develop the car and it is here that our relationship with Univa will be of great value. We welcome them to the team and look forward to shared success going forward."

- Otmar Szafnauer, CEO of SportPesa Racing Point

"Formula One epitomizes leading-edge design and awe-inspiring innovations where mankind leverages high-performance technologies to excel and achieve what was once considered impossible. Univa is proud to become an official technical partner and we look forward to celebrating a successful racing season."

- Gary Tyreman, President and CEO of Univa Corporation

Watch how SportPesa Racing Point Formula One™ Team is using Univa Grid Engine software to power its high performance computing infrastructure for design applications and race analytics, allowing the team to design and run the best cars on the track.