Univa is the leading innovator of enterprise-class workload scheduling and management solutions

Univa Grid Engine optimizes throughput and performance of applications, containers and services by maximizing shared compute resources across on-premise, hybrid and cloud infrastructures.

Univa® Grid Engine® is the leading distributed resource management system that optimizes resources in thousands of data centers by transparently selecting the resources that are best suited for each segment of work.

Univa Grid Engine Features
Grid Engine software manages workloads automatically, maximizes shared resources and accelerates deployment of any container, application or service in any technology environment, on-premise or in the cloud.

Monitoring & Reporting

Track and measure resource utilization in workload managed clusters with the most comprehensive monitoring and reporting solution on the market.

Container Support

Run Docker containers in a Univa Grid Engine cluster at scale and blend containers with other workloads supporting heterogeneous applications and technology environments.

GPU Support

Scale GPU-based frameworks from containers and servers to clusters and clouds.

Univa Grid Engine Add-On

License Orchestrator

Sharing and use of limited, often costly, application license features across users, groups, departments, or projects.

Migrate to the Cloud


Migrate HPC workloads to the Cloud


Multi-tenancy and advanced policy management for Kubernetes

Univa Grid Engine is the path to scaled up data centers and will support any existing environment.

Broadest Operating System Support

Container and Microservices Support

Extensive Hardware Support

Wide Application & Framework Support

Lower Costs

Our solutions work out-of- the-box and reduce time spent on customization.

Better Performance

Univa shares resources efficiently where demand is high, regardless of applications or frameworks.


Univa software supports more application types at scale than any other platform.

Happier End-Users

More throughput without downtime increases productivity and decreases complaints.