Cloud Migration for HPC

Navops Launch migrates workloads to the cloud and allows enterprises to control spending and automate application and data placement.

With Navops Launch, users get more results faster, and at a significantly reduced cost.


Composable automation applets drive resource utilization efficiencies and reduce operational intervention.


Available for any combination of cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Spend Association

Powerful insight into cloud spend creates a unique association between the application, project, department or user and the resource consumption.

Cloud Resource Right-sizing

Compares resource requests to actual resource utilization and selects the most cost-effective resource type to greatly increases cost efficiency.

Data Migration

Designed for sophisticated cloud requirements, Navops Launch integrates the migration of data with the workload manager.

Dedicated & Hybrid Cloud

Extend on-premise clusters to the cloud and let power users run everything in the cloud.

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HPC Cloud Spend Management

The Navops Launch Dashboard captures key performance indicators for status and cost efficiency of workload placed in the cloud tied to Compute, Storage, and Network resource usage. All views can be filtered by attributes including cost center, applications, users, projects, cloud used and time.

An intuitive dashboard provides full visibility to cloud spend vs budgets offering deep insight, control and monitoring over HPC cloud consumption providing CxOs with the certainty to manage cloud spend. Navops Launch significantly reduces the risk of uncontrolled spending from migrating HPC applications to cloud and offers enterprise users predictability, monitoring and control of their cloud migration projects.

Launch fully supports both hybrid and dedicated HPC clusters with built-in adapters for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.


The Compute view captures all of the important information about cloud servers being utilized and the workloads running in the cloud, capturing spend, efficiency, server allocations and key workload metrics.


The Storage view shows key information about storage resource utilization including spend, usage and efficiency.


The Network view calculates the usage of network resources, spend and efficiency for data transfers into and out of the cloud as well inside of the cloud to the extent there is a cost impact.

Compelling Business Results

The trend is to migrate workloads to the cloud, however, HPC is up to 5x more expensive, and Univa will save you up to 30-40%.

Source: Univa customer research, NAS Technical Report NAS-2018-01

If you can be more efficient you gain a strategic or performance advantage … If Univa didn't make us go faster, we wouldn't be using it.

Otmar Szafnauer, CEO and Team Principal, SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team

By Extending Univa Grid Engine to the Microsoft Azure cloud we gained practically infinite capacity from our hybrid solution cost-effectively.

Doron Sayag, IT Enterprise Computing Services Manager, Mellanox Technologies

With Navops Launch and Univa Grid Engine we have deployed cloud bursting. We were able to avoid substantial infrastructure and user re-training costs while tripling our core count.

Gavin Burris, Senior Project Leader, Wharton School of Business

Univa is a proud partner of the world’s leading technology organizations in the workload, container and HPC cloud optimization industry.

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