Univa Knows HPC Migration to the Cloud

A suite of products that enable enterprises to easily migrate to the hybrid HPC cloud, increase efficiencies and manage cloud spending.


Navops Launch controls how applications are placed in the cloud, maps application resource requirements to cloud resources and visualizes cloud consumption efficiency helping organizations optimize cloud spend.

Navops Launch allows organizations to take full advantage of the nearly unlimited scalability, lightning-fast cluster creation, and the pay-per-use economics of hybrid HPC cloud computing in a fully automated and policy-controlled fashion.

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Key Features

Navops Launch enables organizations to migrate computing infrastructure to the cloud by optimizing cloud usage and managing cost to budget. It preserves efficiency with a unique automation engine that makes intelligent and business priority-oriented resource allocation and workload placement decisions.

Navops Launch gives HPC administrators the ability to control which applications are placed in the cloud and seamlessly ties cloud spending efficiency to workload placement, cluster scaling, data staging and mapping applications to cost effective cloud resources.

  • Optimize cloud spend
  • Map application resource requirements for optimal cloud consumption 
  • Control how applications are placed in the cloud 
  • Monitor cloud consumption efficiency

An intuitive dashboard provides full visibility to cloud spend vs budgets offering deep insight, control and monitoring over HPC cloud consumption providing CxOs with the certainty to manage cloud spend. Navops Launch significantly reduces the risk of uncontrolled spending from migrating HPC applications to cloud and offers enterprise users predictability, monitoring and control of their cloud migration projects.

Launch fully supports both hybrid and dedicated HPC clusters with built-in adapters for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.


The Navops Launch Dashboard captures key performance indicators for status and cost efficiency of workload placed in the cloud tied to Compute, Storage, Network and Security resource usage. All views can be filtered by attributes including cost center, applications, users, projects, cloud used and time.


The Compute view captures all of the important information about cloud servers being utilized and the workloads running in the cloud, capturing spend, efficiency, server allocations and key workload metrics.


The Storage view shows key information about storage resource utilization including spend, usage and efficiency.


The Network view calculates the usage of network resources, spend and efficiency for data transfers into and out the cloud as well inside of the cloud to the extent there is a cost impact.

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