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Cloud migration, automation,
and spend management for HPC

Navops Launch helps enterprises migrate compute-intensive HPC workloads to the cloud. It is application, resource, and budget-aware providing real-time insights into workloads and spending with complete visibility to HPC cloud resources.

By combining sophisticated automation with cloud spend management, organizations can boost efficiency, reduce cloud costs, and improve time-to-results, ultimately improving revenue and profitability

  • 1
    Better business results faster

    Easily tap cloud resources for faster simulations and improved productivity

  • 2
    Streamline cloud operations

    Simplify dedicated and hybrid cloud bursting across your choice of cloud with powerful automation

  • 3
    Rightsize cloud resource deployments

    Optimize cloud instance selection to maximize efficiency and reduce cloud spending

  • 4
    Simplify cloud spend management

    Easily track and manage cloud spending by department, user, application

What Customers are Saying

This successful collaboration with Univa and AWS shows the extreme scale, power and agility of cloud-based HPC. We shrank simulation time from 20 days to 8 hours …a pace un-imaginable just a short time ago.

Steve Phillpott, CIO,

Western Digital

By Extending Univa Grid Engine to the Microsoft Azure cloud we gained practically infinite capacity from our hybrid solution cost-effectively.

Doron Sayag, IT Enterprise

Computing Services Manager,

Mellanox Technologies


Key Features

  • provisioning

    Flexible resource provisioning

    Easily deploy and scale HPC clusters in your choice of cloud

  • automation


    Manage clusters in a no-ops fashion with powerful automations

  • spend-management

    Cloud spend

    Monitor and control costs with budget-aware spend management

  • multi-cloud


    Seamless operation across your choice of cloud platform

  • rightsize

    Cloud resource

    Auto-select the most optimal instance types based on workload

  • scale

    cloud scale

    Production proven in 1M+ vCPU enterprise cloud deployments

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Your choice of public cloud platform

  • aws
  • azure
  • google


Mellanox Technologies extends silicon design to the hybrid cloud

Learn how Univa software helped Mellanox improve time-to-market, reign-in costs, and improve capacity without the need for additional infrastructure.


Western Digital deploys a million core cluster with Univa

Learn how Univa helped Western Digital deploy a 1,000,000+ core cluster on AWS to speed simulation time by 60X with Navops Launch and Univa Grid Engine.

western digital

Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania extends HPC to the cloud

Increasing demands of its user base meant Wharton's HPCC had to be extended. Learn how Univa software helps the Wharton school seamlessly tap cloud resources.