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Customer Case Studies

Univa Grid Engine Powers Bioinformatics at CeBiTec, at Bielefeld University »
ISI's VISTA Lab Conducts Machine Learning Research Faster, More efficiently, and with Lower Overall Costs »
Mellanox Technologies Extend Silicon Design HPC Cluster to Hybrid Cloud »
Univa Grid Engine Maximizes QMUL HPC Cluster Performance Several Orders of Magnitude »
Human Genetics Centre at University of Oxford Deploys Univa Solutions »
Wharton School Extends HPC Environment to AWS with Navops Launch »
BWT Racing Point Formula One™: Driving Innovation »
HGMU: Evolves DRM Software from Open Source to Univa Grid Engine »
Diamond Light Source: Customized onsite training and support programs »
CC-IN2P3: Seamless transition from Oracle Grid Engine to Univa Grid Engine »

White Papers

Capitalizing on the opportunity of hybrid cloud in HPC »
Univa Grid Engine Benchmark Technical Brief »
Benchmark Report: Univa Grid Engine, Nextflow, and Docker for running Genomic Analysis Workflows »

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Maximizing the utilization of GPU resources on-premise and in the cloud »
Migrating HPC Workloads to the Cloud Webinar »
Navops Launch 2.0 Webinar »
Open-source Monitoring and Reporting for Univa Grid Engine Clusters (Univa Unisight 4.4.2) »
Ten Cool Things You May Not Have Known About Univa Grid Engine »
Using Univa Grid Engine to optimize your HPC systems »
A Sea of Change - Migrating Workloads and Applications to the Cloud »
Best Practices for the HPC Hybrid Cloud »
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Navops Launch - Deploying More Than 1M Cores in a Single Univa Grid Engine Cluster using AWS »

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Watch how BWT Racing Point designs and manufactures Formula One™ cars »