Case Study

CC-IN2P3 delivers stable and highly scalable system to meet growing customer needs

A Seamless Transition From Oracle Grid Engine to Univa Grid Engine Software

The IN2P3 Computing Centre (CC-IN2P3) is an essential resource for researchers at France’s National Centre for Scientific Research, enabling the storage and transfer of research data to advance the study of corpuscular physics.

CC-IN2P3 was facing several challenges: ongoing operations, bug fixes and daily care; robust and stable solution; and product roadmap. It became clear that a lack of product roadmap from Oracle Grid Engine would lead to issues down the line, while the challenges were exacerbated by the manner with which enhancements were being handled. The corrective support within Oracle was lacking, which led to a search for an alternative solution.

Univa provided CC-IN2P3 with valuable advice about configuration and monitoring, and mandatory patches were quickly implemented to resolve bugs that were plaguing the workload processing. Additionally, the Computing Centre requested product enhancements that Univa delivered to provide further insights to Univa Grid Engine's capabilities. With the aid of support and a stable product, the research organization was able to redeploy its manpower on other activities knowing that Univa Grid Engine software operated efficiently and with no downtime.

"Before Univa Grid Engine software, we were experiencing some malfunction issues, but the Univa team came in and resolved those issues right away, and they walked us through the transition creating a completely seamless process," said Bernard Chambon, Batch Systems Developer, CC-IN2P3.

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