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Univa Logo Usage Guidelines

General rules:

  • ● The logo should be in a 180° position
  • ● There should be no text replacements of Univa's logo
  • ● The word Univa should always be easy to read. It should be no smaller than 64 dpi or 8.82mm in print.
  • ● Add the following to the bottom of any page you add our logo to:
    • ©2020 Univa Corporation. All rights reserved. Univa® is a registered trademark of Univa Corporation.

Primary Logo
Univa's primary logo is in red.
Pantone 185 C
R:231 | G:0 | B:51
C:0 | M:100 | Y:100 | K:0
HEX: e70033

The primary logo to be used in all promotional materials, partner images, branding, referrals, etc. It is important to note that if the logo is identifying or being used to refer to Univa as a whole, the red logo must be used above other options. Should the background be patterned or dark in color, use the Univa logo with an accompanying white box.

For digital use:

For print use:

The Secondary Logo
The transparent black and white monochromatic alternatives are used only when the red is not complementary to the document's design or color scheme. In particular:

  • ● The black should be used when printing abilities are limited to one color
  • ● The white version should be used on black or patterned backgrounds
  • ● To use the white logo on a patterned background, add a dark tint to the background
  • ● To use the black logo on a patterned background, use a light tint on the background

For digital use:

For print use:

What not to do:

  • ● Do not alter the color, kerning or typeset of the logo.
  • ● Do not add any effects to the logo; for example, no drop shadow, no smudging or blurring, no textures.
  • ● Do not crop the logo.
  • ● Do not adjust the logo's proportions and dimensions.

Media Contact: press@univa.com