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SportPesa Racing Point Formula One Team™: Driving Innovation

"Formula One" has been described as the King of Racing and the sport of the elite for its awesome display of speed and performance. Each year, F1™ teams redesign 95% of the car, looking for subtle improvements that frankly, make the car go faster." --Gary Tyreman, President and CEO of Univa

Gary Tyreman interviewed Otmar Szafnauer, Team Principal and CEO and Gaétan Didier, Head of CFD to find out just how much Univa Grid Engine benefits SportPesa Racing Point Formula One™ Team.

Otmar explains, "For us, data is paramount." SportPesa Racing Point uses Univa's enterprise-class workload scheduling and management solution, Univa Grid Engine, to ensure that the correct simulations are running at the same time, provide the most efficient use of applications, and result in a quick turnaround of work throughput.

Univa helps SportPesa Racing Point realize incredible CFD developments, and with a regulation in place that caps the amount of compute power accessible to the team, every core is vital to the team's success. Engineers can submit jobs for modeling and push utilization on the CFD cluster up into the 97 percent range at a sustained level.

Listen to this fascinating podcast to learn more about a unique partnership.