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Explore Navops Launch 2.1 now with Slurm Support

Fritz Ferstl, Univa's CTO, navigates many of Navops Launch's innovative features in this demonstration, while highlighting the new Slurm support. Navops Launch is an automation and spend management platform for migrating compute-intensive HPC workloads to the cloud. Its application, resource, and budget-aware capabilities provide real-time insights into spending and complete visibility of HPC cloud resources.

With Navops Launch, administrators can easily create automations based on a wide variety of metrics related to applications, workloads, and cloud resources. Actions may include scaling cloud resources, migrating workloads, and moving or synchronizing datasets between local and remote filesystems and object stores. Navops Launch helps automate some of the most challenging aspects of operating in the cloud.

Automation coupled with cloud spend management, enables organizations to boost efficiency, reduce cloud costs and improve time-to-results. Watch this demo to learn more of what Navops Launch 2.1 can do for your organization.

Watch this Demo to learn more of Navops Launch 2.1 innovative features and accessible HPC migration for Slurm workloads.