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Read Only Qmaster Thread & Resource Quota Sets

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Read Only Qmaster Thread

Univa Grid Engine 8.2 delivers maximum performance and scalability for high performance clusters. With Read Only Qmaster Threads, a new pool of read threads is created and all read commands to the cluster are handled by the threads freeing up the scheduler to process and dispatch jobs to the cluster.

Discover how a typical cluster can run 2-5x faster using Read only Qmaster Threads.

Resource Quota Sets

Resource Quota Sets are complex to define and can be challenging to get correct in some cases. In many cases, quota sets are the only way to create complex limit rules.

Learn how to properly use Resource Quota Sets to provide a very powerful tool for managing resources and controlling user access to those resources.

Bill Bryce, VP of Products, Univa Corporation

Bill brings 14 years of experience to his position as VP of Products in which he leads all aspects of Univa's technology strategy and product development including planning, engineering and customer relationship management. Bill is credited with the conception and development of key products including Univa's cloud management products. Bill holds a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

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